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Transforming the operation and helping businesses improve efficiency, safety, and quality with industrial IoT and software

The most flexible IoT platform for your business

Our Core Services

We bridge the gap between operational technology and information technology with proprietary end-to-end industrial IoT solution, including hardware and software, integrate with your existing machinery to maximize the business outcome

Smart Factory

Optimizing your factory with increased energy efficiency, more flexibility in the process leading to Just In Time (JIT) and increase your machine performance and decrease downtime with predictive maintenance and non-stop monitoring

Smart Logistics

Track your fleet & assets in real-time, optimizing warehouse and inventory management, holistic process monitoring from production to packaging

Smart Farm

Start your powerful Third Green Revolution by monitoring your crop growth, analyzing and managing your farming activities

Smart Building

Centralize building control through the OWL system. Gain best experiences for tenants and improve operations through easy to understand dashboard driven by precision data collection

our technology

The IoT data platform for connected operation

A device that capable to fitting with every sensor across a wide range of different equipment and hardware, available in WiFi/BLE/LTE/Radio Frequency. No matter how old your machine is, we can integrate !

Middleware is all about messaging between the cloud and the devices. Here we use MQTT to connect the devices to the cloud/your server to perform different operation.

Our software gives manufacturers cutting-edge analytics that are easy to use.Live plant performance stats, machine metrics, and status summary of multiple lines as well as an overview of machine performance — which machines are running, what product is on the line, and any other macro data points. Lastly, customisable, digital factory dashboard. Accessible from anywhere.

Our software gives manufacturers cutting-edge analytics that are easy to use. Our machine learning allows for manual and automatic data tagging, as well as automatic identification of anomalies in machine-produced time series data. Via alerts, dashboards concretise and visualise abnormal occurrences and patterns and can also predict future failures with easy-to-read.

Case Study : Steel Manufacturing

Gain real-time Visibility Into Operations by Collecting and Analyzing Data from Production Line in the Field and integrate to ERP

Our clients implemented OWL for 200 sensors to gain detailed real-time operational visibility from multiple location that helping engineer and factory manager get quick insighted e.g. downtime, productivity and quality which result increase of overall operation efficiency 20%, generate $150k a year.


Connect and ingest data at scale

Correlate information to create data-driven insights

Apply machine intelligence and artificial intelligence to discover data patterns

Analyze data for better informed decision-making and action

Quickly visualize enterprise-level performance details of individual assets


What you can do with owl



the continual monitoring and analysis of production line and/or supply chain data points that are most influential to a manufacturing enterprise. 


Device management

the functionality delivered by the ability to connect, retrieve data, and take action at the device (equipment) level. Technimal made middleware and network infrastructure a focus. This allows a wide variety of devices (as well as volume of devices) to connect and share data over a secure and solid platform.



Real-time product tracking gathers a full set of data about a product as it moves through the production line and, if desired, the ensuing supply chain. 


inventory tracking

In simple terms, inventory tracking records the movement of goods in and out of storage. Order only the materials you need when you need them. The savings from avoiding over- or under-ordering is a clear, instant benefit. 



Retrofitting means outfitting legacy equipment with sensors, to record data where it is needed and send that data to the cloud for analysis. What if your new equipment could be manufactured with those abilities from the beginning? This is the future of industrial equipment.


DOWNTIME PREVENTION AND predictive maintenance

Unscheduled downtime is the enemy of productivity for all manufacturing businesses. Downtime results in the loss of billions each year. Not only is production halted, but employees have to be paid while awaiting the repairs, never mind the cost of the repairs themselves. Predictive Maintenance prevents and minimises downtime by collect, analyse, record and alarm. 

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