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Improve efficiency with real-time OEE and downtime analytics

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Replace manual processes with real-time analytics around availability, performance, and quality across your facility

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Whether you're on-site or on-the-go, analyze your entire production process with our central dashboard

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Identify, diagnose, and resolve issues in real-time to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency

How It Works

OWL Platform gives you the flexibility to connect your assets to the cloud via the Industrial Gateway. Collect data from sensors, PLCs, and machines to gain real-time analytics around your production performance

Software Features

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  • Real-time dashboard

View live data and analytics on downtime, throughput,  and scrap rate throughout your facility

  • Any Devices at Anytime

Website based development allows you to access all of your data and dashboards from any desktop, tablet, or mobile device

  • Live OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

Measure throughput against ideal cycle times for each product and diagnose potential causes for slow runs

  • Downtime Analytics

Compare downtime across lines, shifts, and products, and drill into specific downtime reasons based on operator input through an HMI device

  • Monitor Yield & Waste

Automatically measure production rejects and compare defect rate across plants, lines, shifts, and products

  • Data Input via HMI or tablet

Operators can input downtime reasons, set production targets, and start and stop runs via an HMI device to provide additional context and help resolve issues

  • Hardware

01. Industrial-Grade Hardware : Class 1, Division 2 Certified
02. Embedded Network : WiFi, 4G, RF, NBIOT
03. Integrated I/O : Built in 4-20mA, 0-10V,Digital,RS482/232, Counter I/Os
04. Process at the Edge : Local storage & high-performance CPU for low-latency control at the edge

Process Monitoring

Real-time Dashboard

Any device at Anytime

Identify issue anywhere

Resolve problem quickly



Remote Control

The most flexible IoT platform for your business

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